Fox Renderfarm Desktop Client

The desktop client supports batch submission, automatic download and analysis, integration with 3D software, etc., simplifying the rendering process.
For the best user experience, downloads are only supported on PC.
- Win11 /Win10 /Win8 /Win7
- Drag-and-drop batch submission
- Automatic downloading
- Integrate into your 3D application
- 3ds Max/Maya/Cinema 4D/Blender/etc.
Free Download
version ,
- CentOS7.0 and above
- Drag-and-drop batch submission
- Automatic downloading
- Maya/etc.
Free Download
version ,
macOS & Web
The web rendering platform supports popular 3D software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, and Unreal Engine, while maintaining compatibility across major operating systems, including macOS
Render Online
Our macOS desktop client is coming soon!
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3 Ways to Start Cloud Rendering

Fox Renderfarm team continues to improve desktop client and web rendering platform, dedicated to making our render farm the best solution for cloud rendering. We provide 3 different ways to submit your projects to render, and each of them has its own advantages. In any case, we will satisfy your rendering needs.
FeaturesDesktop clientWebPlugin
Supported systemWindows/LinuxWindows/Linux/MacOSWindows
Supported softwareWindows: Maya/3ds Max/Blender/
Cinema 4D/etc.
Linux: Maya/etc.
Supports most popular 3D Software,
renderers and plugins
Maya/3ds Max/Cinema 4D/etc.
Submission methodBy draggingVia webpageBy plugins
Batch submission
Automatic analysis
Automatic download
Fast uploading
Multi-thread upload and download
Automatic rendering cost calculation
Charges for failed task
Preview results

Tutorials of Submitting Rendering Jobs

Submit Rendering Jobs in Desktop Client
Submit Rendering Jobs in Web
Submit Rendering Jobs in Desktop Client
Submit Rendering Jobs in Web


How can I check the rendering sequences of the jobs in the desktop client?
You can double-click the job to check the details and information.
If I want to submit rendering jobs via plugin, should I need to download the plugin script?
Yes. When downloading the desktop client, the plugin script will be installed as the same time. If you can't find Fox Renderfarm in your 3D software, you can open the "Script" section in the client and update or install the plugin script. For more information, click here.
Where can I access the rendered results after submitting jobs via plugins?
The rendered results can be checked within our desktop client in the "My Downloads" section.
Do I need to pay for rendering failed jobs?
No, there won't be any charges for rendering failed jobs.
How can I submit multiple rendering jobs via plugin?
You need to check the "Activite Batch Render" to allow batch submission in the configuration.
For more information please check out our support center.
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