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3ds Max Cloud Rendering
Maya Cloud Rendering
Cinema 4D Cloud Rendering
Blender Cloud Rendering
UE Cloud Rendering
Arnold Cloud Rendering
V-Ray Cloud Rendering
Redshift Cloud Rendering
RenderMan Cloud Rendering
Octane Cloud Rendering
Corona Cloud Rendering
anima Render Farm
Forest Pack Render Farm
RailClone Render Farm
X-Particles Render Farm
Miarmy Render Farm
CPU Pricing
GPU Pricing
per core per hour
Top Up Now
per core per hour
Top Up Now
Accumulated recharge more than $500
per core per hour
Top Up Now
Accumulated recharge more than $2,000
per core per hour
Top Up Now
Accumulated recharge more than $5,000
per core per hour
Top Up Now
Accumulated recharge more than $10,000
CPU cost equation: CPU unit price × render hours
  1. 1. CPU unit price is based on physical core numbers, CPU unit price = core unit price × physical core numbers.
  2. 2. Default RAM is 64GB, nodes with more RAM are available with extra cost.
  3. 3. Additional charges may apply for certain rendering software; you'll receive a cost notification upon task submission.

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Note: The Fox Renderfarm Cost Estimator gives you an estimated render farm rate for your projects, but your actual fees may vary. To get a more accurate cost, you can sign up and use a free $25 render coupon to test some of your frames; Single Frame Cost = Rendering Time per Frame × Unit Price × Cores.

Unlimited Render Rental Service

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Our Unlimited Render Rental Service provides high-priority reservations for users who will be continuously submitting unlimited rendering tasks for a certain period. We provide the physical machines, setup, software, power, maintenance, and technical support. Once the service is purchased and confirmed, you will have instant access to your reserved machines. If you’re interested in renting or learning more about the service, please email
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