3ds Max Tutorial: How to Make a Land Rover 3D Model

3ds Max Tutorial How to Make a Land Rover 3D Model

This time, your trusted GPU & CPU render farm, Fox Renderfarm will share with you a tutorial made by 3d artist Mars. This tutorial is about the modelling process of making a 3D car, which doesn't use difficult skills or special software. In this process, he covered modelling, texturing, lighting, and rendering of the environment model.


First of all, I'll collect a lot of similar vehicle references before making them, especially in invisible places, such as the site, the roof, etc. But be careful, perfection needs to avoid accumulating too many pictures and preventing confusion in the production.

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With the references, I used some simple geometry to build a large car-scale shape, and then divided the doors and glass frames with lines before refining. This gives you great control over the mesh density so you can try different shapes without damaging my model. When I start shaping, I try to adjust the loop in the best way possible, controlling the number of faces in the model as much as possible.

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It is necessary to pay attention to some problems when making. The lines are horizontal and vertical as far as possible. Remember to reserve annular protection lines in places with structures, such as glass frames and door frames, etc., To have such annular protection lines, so as to make it convenient to make high polygons.

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When making high polygons, lines are mainly added to the previous model, and more details are made on the structure without changing the outline. There are roughly several ways to add lines:

  1. Corner cutting
  2. Annular wire addition
  3. Annular wire addition in graphite tool

Because I couldn't find the right tire, I decided to make it myself. First make a tire tread, then copy it into a whole, and use the tire Bend command to get the final effect.

When making some parts of the vehicle, it can be made separately as far as possible to reduce the difficulty of UV splitting.

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UV splitting

The UV is expanded using RizomUV, and then the model is separated by layers, and the model of a graph is placed in one layer. A total of three pictures were made, one for the body and objects, one for the tires and site, and one for the ground. When splitting UV, pay attention not to be too broken. It can be unfolded without stretching. In the later period, it is good to divide smooth groups in 3da Max and adjust them. The same materials and objects should be placed in one area.

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Smoothing groups division

There are many problems in this link. It is easy to see that the UV is not broken after distinguishing the smooth group, or the UV is broken and not moved away. There is also a situation that the smooth group is not divided well, and the problem of black surface will occur when making the low polygon version. Here summarizes some problems that are easy to occur before baking the normal line.

  1. Matching degree between high-poly and low-poly.
  2. Whether the smooth group division is correct or not.
  3. Check whether the UV is broken after the split sliding group, and whether there is stretching and UV boundary overlap after the UV split.

Smoothing Groups:

Faces less than or equal to 90 degrees are separated by smooth groups, UVs are broken, and the Middle distance is moved one or two pixels away. Note:

  1. 90 degrees or less than 90 degrees do not separate smooth groups, and the low-poly effect is incorrect.
  2. The smooth group shall be separated, and the UV shall be removed and disconnected.

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I've sorted out the high-poly and the low-poly together in 3ds Max, and then I'll bake them in Substance Painter together, and import them into 3ds Max to modify some errors. One of the tips is that when you have four tires, you only need to make one when baking and normal maps, and then copy it to get four tires.

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Texturing with Substance Painter

When I made the texture, I first made the body part, starting with some large pieces of material. After setting the material of the texture and the degree of old and new, other textures will take this as a reference, especially rust and damage and other places, as far as possible to achieve unity.

The first is the base layer of the material, which is changed from a pure metal material. This material itself has a lot of details, so it is suitable as the base material of the body.

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Then it is necessary to calculate the object relationship and the color of the dark part in the groove, do the overall dirt and rust, and then remove the paint effect, and then there are some textures on the surface and relatively weak dirt and rust and dirt dust on the body. These are the large frames made of materials, and after the completion of this large frame, some refinement is carried out.

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The glass needs to be treated here with a separate roughness change, so that scratches appear on the glass or the wiper brush after the dirty effect, if there is no interior can not let the glass through.

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Lighting and rendering

For lighting, I used the most common 3 point light sources. The main light source is brighter, the main shadow direction is played, the side light uses a cooler light source, as long as the supplementary light is illuminated, metering here or paying attention to the effect of playing the outline of the object. And then turn to the angle you want to show to check, see if the light source is good and then adjust the light position.

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Get Started on Game Modeling with 3ds Max Modeling Tips
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The lattice allows you to efficiently make overall changes to high-resolution models, avoiding the tedious task of manipulating hundreds or thousands of edges and vertices individually.Despite being a powerful tool, lattice modeling is often missed by beginners, partly because it is located under the Animation tab rather than the Polygon Modeling tab in Maya's interface.Image from Internet, copyright of the original authorSoft SelectionAre you tired of moving each vertex individually?Just like the lattice modeling, the soft selection feature allows you to efficiently modify a region of a model by setting a controllable falloff radius for each vertex, edge, or face. In other words, when soft selection is enabled, selecting a vertex and translating it in space will also affect the surrounding vertices (the degree of influence is determined by the falloff radius you have set).Soft selection is particularly useful for modeling organic objects such as skeletons, muscles, and faces. It helps you achieve smoother transitions and deformations between different parts of the model.Image from Internet, copyright of the original authorThe Duplicate SpecialHave you ever been frustrated while modeling objects with regularly spaced elements, like fences? The Duplicate Special feature allows you to create multiple copies of an object and translate, rotate, or scale each instance individually.For example, let's say you need to model a Greek pillar with a series of regularly spaced relief units encircling its surface. In this case, after creating a single relief unit, you can find the central axis of the cylinder and use the duplicate special feature to evenly distribute and replicate each relief unit, making it easy to complete the modeling process.Image from Internet, copyright of the original authorThe Relax BrushBeginners often tend to end the modeling of organic models with a "blocky" appearance. Although Maya does not have a complete set of sculpting tools, it does have some basic sculpting brushes, with the most useful one being the Relax Brush tool.The Relax brush will average out the spacing between the vertices you brush over, resulting in a smoother surface without compromising the model's overall shape. If you are modeling a facial model, for example, you can use the Relax brush to make the blocky face appear more like a smooth skin surface.Find mesh tool under the polygons menu, then sculpt geometry tool, click on the little square behind this option, and find sculpt parameter under properties, locate relax brush, and then go back to the 3D view and brush the vertices you want to smooth.Alternatively, you can select the object you are currently modeling, hold down the right mouse button until a menu appears, and then choose Paint -> Sculpt. In the Sculpt Parameters, select the Relax Brush. You can also modify the brush radius and strength in the brush options tab to control the brush effect.Image from Internet, copyright of the original authorSelection SetsHave you ever had this experience: After spending a long time carefully selecting complex faces, edges, and vertices, and performing a series of operations, you unselect them to start working on something else. Then you realize that you need to make further adjustments to the large area you originally selected, but you have already canceled your previous selection. Now you have to go through the frustration of manually clicking and selecting points, edges, and faces again.Actually, this can be avoided. 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While professionals in the workplace can easily communicate with colleagues in the industry, it can be more challenging for beginners.Beginners can exchange experiences with classmates who are learning together, or engage with unfamiliar peers on social platforms and other forums.Regardless of the approach, it is always beneficial to look at other people's work. Hopefully, with the guidance of these tips, everyone can achieve great success.If you have problems with slow 3ds Max rendering on your own computer, you can use a 3ds Max render farm that offer fast cloud rendering service to speed up your 3ds Max rendering and meet your project's delivery date.Source: aliyun
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3ds Max Cloud Rendering Tutorials and Render Farm Recommendations
3ds Max is a 3D professional modeling software, animation and rendering application builder, formerly 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max, used to create 3D animations, models, interactive games and visual effects for the entertainment industry. 3Ds Max plays a big role in designing the 2D cross-sectional shapes of 3D models. It can bring characters to life by using a special feature called inverse kinematics that can connect the different components of a character together. So whether you are an architect, a product designer or an illustrator, using 3ds Max to create your projects is a good choice for you. The 3D models are usually converted to CGI through a rendering process.We see a lot of beautiful results after the project is rendered. But rendering in 3ds Max can sometimes take a long time and it doesn't have much to do with your system itself when it comes to rendering. Long rendering times can be affected by many factors, so for creators who use 3ds Max as their primary tool, speeding up 3ds Max rendering times is a huge relief.3ds Max cloud rendering is a useful way to speed up rendering. Many people have only heard of cloud rendering but don't know what it is or how to do it. In fact, cloud rendering, a cloud service that relies on cloud computing, can also be called an online render farm. Fox Renderfarm is a powerful 3ds Max cloud rendering farm, with tens of thousands of rendering machines supporting CPU and GPU rendering, serving over 200,000 users around the world. The following is the tutorials of 3ds Max cloud rendering at Fox Renderfarm.Tutorials for Using 3ds Max Cloud Rendering3ds Max Cloud Rendering Web Submit TutorialStep 1. Preparations for 3ds Max web submission:1.1 Register to get an account with $25 free trial. In the case of web login, please visit web login for details.1.2 In the case of web transfer, please visit web-upload for details.1.3 Compare the local and could asset directories.Step 2. 3ds Max web submission process (4 steps: submit > analyze > render > download).2.1 Click the “Submit” button on the left, select the software for submission > set a project path (Note: this project path contains all the materials used for the Max file) > select the document for rendering, then click “Continue”.2.2 Select software version and hardware configuration corresponding to the file (Note: selection of the rendering system), click "Go Analysis", and wait patiently for the analysis to complete.2.3 Click the job with “Analysis Done”, set render parameters and then submit it for rendering (Note: the actual rendering starts only at this job)2.4 On the rendering page, click the job > export the file > download.3ds Max Cloud Rendering Desktop Client Submit TutorialStep 1. Start the desktop client, select the platform to log in, and enter the main interface.Step 2. Drag the max file to the job area in the client, thus to trigger the submission and start the scene analysis.Step 3. Select software version and hardware configuration corresponding to the file, and click "Next" to enter the analysis page.Step 4. Click “Next” when the analysis is done (Note: corresponding prompt will appear in case of any error in the analysis results or warning thereof) and set render parameter setting (including: common settings and Vray settings).4.1. Common setting:4.2. Vray settings:Step 5. Click “Submit” to start the uploading. The rendering is automatically started upon the completion of submission, and hence the submission job is successful.That is all about tutorial of 3ds Max cloud rendering. If you have anything else you don't understand, you can consult the customer service or your account manager, but remember to sign up to get an account, and the benefit for new users is a $25 free rendering voucher. If you are a student or educator, you can get a bigger discount, check out our GoCloud Program. Fox Renderfarm is always committed to providing better and more affordable cloud rendering services for everyone in the CG industry!
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