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Q: What’s the difference between the master account and subaccount?

A: The master account can manage the authorities of the subaccount.

Q: Why hasn’t the amount arrived at the account after the successful recharge?

A: Please wait for a few minutes after the recharge, and then restart the client or refresh the webpage. Such amount of ¥100 will be taken as the cost of purchasing the professional version and will not be used as the rendering fee in your account in case you recharge for the professional version of the renderings.

__Q: Why can’t the web transmit, a web upload tool already downloaded, be used and has it been repeatedly required for download? __

A: The web transmit only supports Windows system and currently doesn’t support Mac system. In case the web transmit is disabled, you may check whether the web transmit has been blocked by such software as 360, or the browser has disabled the Activex, or firewalls was set against certain ports. Otherwise, please directly contact the customer service online.

Q: How can we download the source files form the farm as required for some reason?

A: Our farm may keep the source files for the customers for 20 days, and you may log in to https://task.foxrenderfarm.com/; or otherwise our system will automatically delete your source files upon the expiration thereof. We appreciate for your understanding.

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